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    “Living with a dog is about so much more than training them. I think that the most important thing is the relationship you have with your dog, not if they obey commands!”

    Gia Savocchi

    Certified Dog Behavior Consultant

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    Ten easy steps you can take to better your relationship with your dog. Get started today!

    What is Relationship all about?

    Your relationship with your dog is so important. After all, this is why most of us get a dog in the first place... to develop a friendship and have a reliable companion. If you are reading this e-book, I’m guessing your dog is a part of the family.

    Your relationship with your dog is how you two are connected, or relate to each other. You can have a healthy, loving relationship with your dog.

    However, as a behavior consultant I often meet dogs who have a troubled relationship with their owners. Relationships do not just come naturally. They are what we create.